MNK Architects, Architects El Paso Texas, Architects Texas, Architects New Mexico, Architect, Architects, Architect El Paso Texas, Architect New Mexico


MNK is focused on creating modern, practical, sustainable architecture – evocative of both time and place.

Architecture is our passion. The transformation of spaces that influence our daily lives is our highest goal. We are committed to thoughtful design, thorough construction document delivery and insightful project leadership and management. This approach has left an indelible mark in cityscapes across the Southwest.

Over 35 years, our firm has developed a broad range of expertise, from 21st century learning environments to governmental, commercial, healthcare, and spiritual facilities. Our priority is to guide you along your journey through design and construction. You can rely on our ability to analyze problems and apply a high level of attention to detail, including the logistics of execution. 

MNK Architects, Architects El Paso Texas, Architects Texas, Architects New Mexico, Architect, Architects, Architect El Paso Texas, Architect New Mexico
MNK Architects, Architects El Paso Texas, Architects Texas, Architects New Mexico, Architect, Architects, Architect El Paso Texas, Architect New Mexico

MNK Architects is an award-winning architectural firm. We co-create with our community to deliver designs that inspire, connect and perform. Our passion is the transformation of spaces that shape communities and elevate the human experience.

Listening to you is what we do best.

We approach each project with an open mind. We collaborate with you and those you serve. The results are solutions and designs that meet your goals. Our holistic design approach is central to our firm’s success.

Your Vision, Delivered.

MNK’s Principal is Renée Jiménez, AIA, LEED AP BD+C | President and CEO. Our firm is a team of uniquely experienced professionals. Each person brings a set of skills, drive, and body of experience that showers each project with a diversity of perspectives and overlapping aptitudes. Trades represented across our team include: architecture, interior design, construction, project management, facilities management, construction management, graphic design, web design, photography, and marketing. Our principal-led collaboration process inspires everyone to push themselves. Our young talent is bold and inspired–guided by the experience of those who have led before. The energy is palpable. 

Renée Jiménez

Renée Jiménez, AIA, LEED AP BD+C

Principal Architect | CEO

Renée jokes that she chose architecture because it started with an “A,” and it was at the top of the list her counselor gave her. Actually, she always knew she wanted to be an architect. René built forts on family camping trips as a child, using materials she found in nature. At home, she would wait for her mother to leave the house so she could rearrange all the furniture. Renee attained a bachelor of arts in environmental design from Texas A&M University, is licensed in Texas and Arizona, and has been at MNK since 2005. She finds inspiration from witnessing the positive reactions people have when they experience her design work. Reneé is most motivated when told that her vision is “impossible” to achieve.

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Miguel Hernández Associate Principal | Senior Project Manager

Miguel’s curiosity about architecture began when he unexpectedly came to live on a construction site during the renovation of his boyhood home. His inspiration grew as he watched workers renovate his house around him. He borrowed his sister’s old eyeliner brushes, saved his money to buy a Mickey Mouse drawing book, and Miguel began to draw! To this day, his illustrations grace our office walls and have inspired some of our firm’s award-winning projects. Miguel obtained a Bachelors in Architecture from Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez, and started at MNK in 2006. He finds inspiration in watching the process of a simple sketch turn into a building. Miguel enjoys reading about the history of the Mexican Revolution, and the real history of the United States.

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Carmen Byers, RAS, APA
Associate Principal | Construction Administrator

Carmen’s career started in construction management almost three decades ago. She holds an associate degree in applied science (AAS) with a concentration in both architectural and Construction Management with a BA in Green Business & Project Management from SFIA. Carmen has spent over 20 years perfecting her craft in construction industry.  Before MNK Carmen was a commercial General Contractor when she met Renee’ Jimenez in 2008, where they learned that they complement each other as a result bringing harmony to the MNK projects. Carmen has niche for understanding project constructability, she has a keen eye for details and enjoys the quality control required for a successful project. “Good Quality comes from being persistent and continually checking the construction documents” Carmen has over 10 years’ experience in the architecture industry leads MNK’s construction administration.  Carmen enjoys cooking and relaxing at home entertaining with family and friends.  

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Alejandra Vargas
Office Manager

Ale has been an office manager since 2001, and she keeps everyone–including the boss–in check! We are very lucky to have her, not only for her jokes but also for the music she shares. Alejandra is conscious of the goings-on, especially managing the office time. She’s a daredevil and jumped off a plane just because it was on her bucket list. Alejandra’s free time includes participating in her church orchestra, including a living Christmas tree.

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Ashley Torres
Administrative COORDINATOR

Ashley is our bright, sunny light–friendly and always happy! She is a full-time student at UT-El Paso. In spite of her youth, she is on top of her game: reliable, responsible, proactive, and very detail-oriented. Ashley is thoughtful and dependable; when we need something done, we give it to her!

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Oscar Torres
Project Manager

A patient and focused teacher, Oscar is our fast problem solver. He operates adeptly in CAD and Revit, and he thrives in providing solutions in any project. On top of that, he is our official DJ, with eccentric playlists that elevate both the office mood and our productivity. A visit to our offices during lunch will likely find him taking a nap on the sofa. He enjoys afternoons playing soccer and gathering with friends. 

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Rafael Carreon
Architectural Staff

Rafael, our accomplished architectural designer, with a flair for the extraordinary! With over a decade of experience shaping the urban landscape, he’s like a magician who turns blueprints into awe-inspiring realities. With a solid background in job-site experience, he once charmed a stubborn building inspector into approving a project with a dazzling display of architectural acrobatics! When he’s not busy crafting magnificent structures, he unleashes his inner rockstar on the guitar, playing tunes that bring a rhythm to his life. Rafael is ready to transform your architectural dreams into vibrant, tangible masterpieces that stand the test of time!

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Joaquin Coronado
Architectural Staff

Joaquin, our dedicated office superstar. Always ready to assist, Joaquin’s commitment goes beyond the 9-to-5 grind, making him a constant support for the team. In sports, Joaquin’s knowledge is impressive; he’s the go-to person for any sports-related discussions. Alongside work, he dreams of establishing a carpentry shop, showcasing his diverse interests. He is a dependable, friendly presence, embodying a perfect blend of dedication and passion.

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Eduardo Marquez
Architectural STAFF

Lalo, our architectural intern and connoisseur of movies and video games. With a passion for both the digital and cinematic worlds, Eduardo brings a unique perspective to his designs. In the realm of architecture, he turns his love for creativity into crafting beautiful and functional projects. A quiet enthusiast, Eduardo’s fusion of his interests creates a dynamic blend of innovation and entertainment, making him an inspiring force in our architectural endeavors.

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Adrian Flores
Architectural Intern

Adrian, is a new face, ready to face the world of design head-on and always eager to learn. With an extensive background in graphic design and a keen eye for creativity. When he is not collaborating with his colleagues, he enjoys cooking recipes that he learned while studying abroad in Urbino, Italy. He also has a huge passion for music, as he has been a musician for close to 15 years and has a great sense for pitch.


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